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Best hair salons in Houston

Precision Houston salon cuts, extensions, highlights, hair color, ombre, wedding, anniversaries



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Best Hair Salons in Houston What a statement, Where to find  Hair Salons in Houston?  We all have been there and know the frustration but its not the hair salons or Houston, its the Stylist.  Hello my name is Mandy and I am a Professional Hair Artist!!! An established 15 year veteran in this wonderful Career I call home..

The latest fashion in hair styles and trends like those found in Vogue and the hair industry in general which is my Passion. We do extensions, highlights, hair color, custom hair to fit face cuts and more!!

Special events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, make-up and just because you need to look fabulous today cuts are all options we offer.

Edgy married with classy

My style all summed up,,,Edgy married with classy,,,, It was a process due to being a trainer, teacher and educator the marriage happened…Passion for this industry and making the best possible style every time has driven me to further my education with some of the most prestigious schools in the Nation. New York, Dallas, Austin and this wonderful town called Houston. If your looking for the very best Artist in houston. I am proud to say welcome..

The Best Houston Hair Salon or nothing

If you are new to the Houston area and you want to find a great salon, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. No matter what, it is very important that you always go with an experienced professional that will give you the best services and attention to detail possible. Whether you are looking for a trim, full on style, a change in hair color or any other service, there are some helpful tips that will allow you to choose the absolute best professional for the job. we are Best Hair Salons in Houston

Always Look For Referrals

The friends that you see at school, work or even the gym can be an excellent resource to help you decide on the best Houston salon to meet your needs. Talk to people about where they usually go to get a cut and color and find out who they usually use for a stylist. If they have a cut and color that you love, the chances are good that you will get good results as well. Not only that, but you will usually find that people are quick to share who they use as a stylist.

Take A Peek At The Best Houston Salon Website

The majority of salons will have their own website or at least a Facebook page that you can visit. These can be great stops to gather information online about any salon that you are interested in visiting. Social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, can be a great way to get some of the “realest” reviews of a salon from any customers who have been there and got great, or not so great, results.

What Is The Salon Like?

Prior to booking an appointment, set aside some time to visit a salon to see what it is like on the inside. Is the facility nice and clean? How many clients are there at any given time? This is a good way to see if the salon is nice and busy and if the atmosphere is one that you would enjoy being part of when you make some time to get your next color or style. So go us won’t you to Best Hair Salons in Houston

Check Out The Stylists

There is a bit of research and groundwork that needs to be laid out before you settle on a hair stylist to take on your locks. When you are scoping out a new salon, take the time to view each stylist and how they work. The way in which they present themselves, how they interact with their clients and the results that they have with each appointment can all be very helpful factors in your decision making process. Overall, you need to have someone who is modern, professional and talented.

What Is The Pricing Like?

It can be great to find a salon that you cannot wait to visit, but it is never going to do you any good if you cannot afford even a shampoo service. Some stylists and salons can vary a great deal in terms of pricing so you need to find a good balance between what you can afford and the salon that is suited for your tastes.

Contact Information

So how do you get an appointment? Very Simple Call me personally I don’t believe in a third party taking up “Just another order”…I want to talk to you and listen I want to take the time and say Thank You also…….So lets start with a call shall we!!! remember we are Best Hair Salons in Houston


11530 Space Center Blvd, Houston, TX 77059

Our Services include but not limited:

  1.  wedding hairstyles
  2. updos
  3. highlights and lowlights
  4. extensions
  5. short hairstyles
  6. Short haircuts
  7. ombre
  8. bobs
  9. haircuts
  10. hair coloring

The Artist Cut